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ap Testing Practice 

Plagiarism Scavenger Hunt Activity

The Plagiarism Scavenger Hunt assignment will teach you more about plagiarism. You will learn an example of plagiarism from a student's world, how to out find out if people plagiarize, plagiarism and the law, and how to cite.


  • Pick up the paper to complete your answers.
  • Go to the website listed for the first hunt. All of the answers for hunt 1 can be found at this website.
  • Continue to do the same for hunts 2-4.

Hunt 1: Kids Understanding Plagiarism
What is Plagiarism: http://kidshealth.org/kid/feeling/school/plagiarism.html# (be sure to read all 3 pages)

  1. What is the Latin word for plagiarism?
  2. What is a bibliography?

Hunt 2: Detecting Plagiarism
Free Plagiarism Detectors:

Copy and paste the following into the detector: As their favorite meals, particularly shellfish, are found near the dark ocean floor, walruses use their extremely sensitive whiskers, called mustacial vibrissae, as detection devices.

  1. What percentage does the site tell you is plagiarized?
  2. Use the link (if provided) to the site where the sentence was plagiarized.  What is the site, can you find the sentence?

Hunt 3: Plagiarism and the Law
Plagiarism.org FAQ: http://www.plagiarism.org/ask-the-experts/faq

  1. Is plagiarism against the law?
  2. List 2 punishments from academic institutions (schools).
  3. List 2 possible legal punishments.

Hunt 4: Citing Sources
Citing Sources: http://www.eduplace.com/parents/resources/homework/reference/bibliography.html#head

  1. How do I cite a source from the World Wide Web (the internet)?
  2. How do I cite a source from a book with one author?

All materials for this scavenger hunt from Boise State Univ. Ed. Tech. Dept.

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