Warren Elementary School Health Office

Hi! Welcome to Warren Elementary School. My name is Vicky Stewart, I am a Registered Nurse and I will be in the Health Office during all school hours. Please feel free to email me or call 636-851-5948.

Emergency Contact Information/Telephone Numbers
An Emergency Information Form is needed for each student. Check this form carefully and make any changes to the emergency information as needed. In the event your child becomes ill or injured during the school day, and we are unable to contact you, please make sure that your emergency contacts are aware of, and are willing to take the responsibility of caring for your child. Please inform us of any changes in your work, home, cellular or emergency contact numbers throughout the year.

Medication Policy
Your physician may fax a medication order to the Warren Elementary School Health Office (636-851-6209) or you may bring in the order with the medication. Click here for the FHSD medication form. Please ask your pharmacist for a “school bottle” with the dosages to be given at school. Please note that the medication policy will be strictly adhered to. No medications will be given without a physician’s order. Please review the district medication policy carefully.

Fever Policy

If your child is sent home with a fever of 100oF or above, the student is NOT to attend school until he/she is fever free for 24 hours without the use of acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Please do not send your child back the next day. This policy is for the protection of your child and the other students in school.

Recess Policy

Your child will be expected to go outside for recess every day as weather permits. Please dress your child for the weather, including hats and gloves. If you feel your child should not go outside due to illness, you must send a written request to your child’s teacher. If your child needs to stay in for more than two (2) consecutive days, your physician will need to write an excuse stating the nature of the illness and how long the child will need to remain indoors. The time limit must be specific as to the number of days or the temperature level.

Physical Education Policy

Your child will be expected to participate in physical education class. If you feel your child should not participate due to illness, you should send a note to the PE teacher. This note will be good for two (2) PE days. If your child needs to be excused from class for a longer period of time, you must send a note from your physician stating the reason and the duration. The school nurse will not excuse your child from PE class. If you forget to send a note or a physician excuse, your child may receive a non-participation grade. If your child is wearing a cast, he/she will automatically be excused from PE, unless otherwise specified from your physician, until the cast is removed.

Use of Crutches Policy

If your child has had surgery or has been injured and is required to use crutches while at school, the following guidelines must be followed in order for the student to use crutches at school.

1. A physician’s statement regarding the limitations and duration of their use is required before a student will be allowed to use crutches on school district property during school hours.

2. Another student will be assigned to assist carrying student’s books.

3. Both students will be dismissed five minutes earlier to facilitate getting to the bus on time at the end of the day.

4 . The school district will not be responsible for any injury that occurs as a result of the use of crutches without a physician’s written order on file.

This is a list of the over-the-counter medications that have been approved for use in the Francis Howell School District health offices by our consulting physician.

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Hydrocortisone Cream ½%

Calamine lotion

Caladryl lotion

Anti-itch spray/Cream (diphenhydramine HCL 2%)

Cough drops (menthol/ menthol eucalyptus, over-the-counter types)

Eye drops (tetrahydrozoline HCL)

Naphcon-A allergy eye drops

Sore throat spray (phenol 1.4%)

Oral Anesthetic/ antiseptic (Anbesol, Ora-gel)

Lip ointment

Burn spray/ ointment (Americain, etc.)

Zinc Oxide

Buffered Isotonic Eye Irrigating Solution

Saline Solution for hard and soft contacts


Peroxide 3%

Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

baking soda

Tums (calcium carbonate)

Vaseline/ petroleum jelly

If you have any questions in regard to the uses of these medications, please contact the school nurse.

Prescription and Non Prescription Medicine Administered at School

Pursuant to Francis Howell School District Policy, the giving of prescription and non-prescription medicine by the nurse, principal or the designee shall be restricted to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule.

I. Prescription medicine:

1. Must be accompanied by a label affixed by a pharmacy or physician showing:

a. Name of student

b. Total daily dosage and schedule of administration

c. Date purchased

d. Physician’s name

e. Name of medication

2. Must have a physician’s written order.

3. A parent/guardian must request in writing that the District comply with the authorized prescriber’s request to give medication. (The District will not administer the initial dose of any new prescription except in an emergency).

4. Any changes to a medication dosage must be accompanied by an updated Rx prescription label. No outdated medication prescription label will be accepted. Each new prescription must have a new label and vial.

5. This authorization is effective for the school year for which it is granted and must be renewed annually.

II. Non-prescription medicine:

1. Must be in the original container.

2. Must have a written order, signed by the physician or advance practice nurse, stating the name of the medication, the name of the child, dosage and schedule of administration and reason for giving the medication. When possible, the prescriber should state potential adverse effects and applicable emergency instructions.

3. A parent/guardian must provide a written request that the district comply with the authorized prescriber’s request to give medication.

4. This authorization is effective for the school year for which it is granted and must be renewed annually.

III. Parent/Guardian Administration

In situations where the parent/guardian chooses, the parent/guardian may come to school to administer medicine to his/her child.

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